Alex Moran

Alex Moran co-founded Pacific Listings in 2009.  He is intimately involved in the day to day operation of the company, and is eager to expand into other metropolitan areas.

Alex moved to Los Angeles in 2006, and just like everyone else he had to find a place to live.  Like many L.A. residents, he found his apartment search to be a difficult and frustrating ordeal.  The experience was the initial inspiration for a more intelligent leasing company.  He found it hard to believe that property owners, on-site managers, and property management companies had not embraced modern technology.  He recognized immediately that an opportunity was present, but his focus at the time was not real estate related.

Alex spent his first year in L.A. working at Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  CAA is the world’s largest and most influential talent, literary, sports, music, and marketing agency.  The most respected, talented, and highest earning producers, directors, actors, writers, musicians, athletes, and the some of the world’s most recognizable companies rely on CAA to manage their interests in an intelligent manner and negotiate their financial compensation. CAA has over 2,500 clients.  Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Lebron James, and Justin Timberlake are among the agency’s clients.  The agency is well known for staffing the exceptionally well qualified and providing clients with the highest level of representation.   Alex’s time at CAA educated him well on how to properly represent even the most demanding clients.

In 2007 Alex transitioned from CAA into real estate.  He accepted a job offer from a brokerage firm in downtown L.A.  Alex spent two years focusing on the purchase and sale of multi-family properties in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  The firm had a property management division, which provided Alex with some insight into the level of service typically afforded to property owners in L.A.  Through his dealings in the brokerage community and his exposure to property management, Alex noticed a stark contrast between the levels of representation available to an A-List movie star and an L.A. property owner.  The two were as different as night and day.  Again, Alex realized that an opportunity was present, and this time he decided to act upon it.  The most obvious need was in multi-family leasing.  He presented his idea for a pay for performance multi-family leasing concept to the firm’s managing partner and the idea was not embraced.  Alex believed in the concept enough that he decided to end his relationship with the firm and begin his own company that focused exclusively on multi-family leasing.  Pacific Listings was created in 2009.

Alex takes great pride in the company he created.  Like most business owners, the company consumes the majority of his time and energy.  Pacific Listings allows him to provide property owners with a much needed service, it creates quality jobs for those employed by the company, and provides tenants with L.A.’s most desirable apartment searching experience.  Everyone involved with Pacific Listings benefits tremendously, and that knowledge is very satisfying for Alex.