Clayton Amon

Clayton began working at Pacific Listings in 2009 during the company’s very early stages. He is responsible for establishing new relationships with property owners and management companies across the greater Los Angeles area. He manages client relationships and also assists with leasing and tenant operations.

Clayton received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the distinguished University of Virginia’s College of Arts and Sciences. At the University of Virginia, he majored in History and Media Studies and was active in many social, political and educational organizations on campus.

After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and began working at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). CAA is one of the most prominent entertainment and sports agencies in the world. At CAA, Clayton learned the value of maintaining client relationships and further developed his strong work ethic. It is also where he met Pacific Listings’ founder Alex Moran. They developed a friendship instantly. In 2009, when Alex explained the concept of Pacific Listings to Clayton, he was immediately intrigued. The business plan was smart and the potential limitless.

Clayton soon left CAA and became a valuable member of Pacific Listings. He has been with the company since its inception, and has been an integral part of its growth. Having grown up in New York City, Clayton was always fascinated by the urban real estate landscape. Tenant Leasing in New York City seemed more constrained whereas the Los Angeles’ landscape presented so many more options of location and space. He also remembered how overwhelmed he felt when he first began looking for an apartment in Los Angeles. There were so many diverse neighborhoods, and he knew he would not have enough time to drive through each one and view hundreds of apartments. Therefore he understood how valuable a tenant placement service like Pacific Listings would have been when he first made the move to Los Angeles. It made perfect sense for a city with so many residential options to have a website that clearly mapped out those options in a structured and attractive manner.

Today, Clayton continues to be an essential member of the Pacific Listings family. He has witnessed the company’s growth since day one and truly understands the company’s value to its many clients. He regards personal attention as his strongest asset with his clients. He understands that maintaining clients relationships is a 24/7 job. Finding his clients the perfect tenant in a timely fashion is his ultimate goal. He is proud to be a member of a superb company that provides property owners and tenants with a one of a kind and highly specialized service.