Corey Egan

Corey Egan joined the Pacific Listings team in January 2010 after relocating from the Midwest. He is responsible for establishing new relationships with property owners across the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to finding new clients to work with, he also is intimately involved in managing these relationships on a day-to-day basis.

Corey received his Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia’s prestigious School of Journalism, which is consistently the number one ranked journalism program in the United States and was the first journalism school in the country. His journalism degree landed him a job with The Kansas City Star, which is one of the top newspapers in the U.S. and boasts a circulation of over 360,000. During his time with The Star, Corey learned much about how to conduct himself every day in a professional environment. Being punctual, meeting deadlines, working long hours, and communicating well with others are just some of the lessons that were learned during his development as a young professional at The Star.

It was the summer of 2009 when Corey was contacted by his life-long friend and former classmate, Alex Moran, who invited him out to Los Angeles for a weekend visit. It was during this visit, that Corey’s mind was opened to a brand new opportunity that was enthusiastically explained to him by his friend. Alex talked about his vision for Pacific Listings, and he asked Corey if he would be interested in becoming a part of it. A few short months later, Corey packed up his car and headed out West to begin a new life in L.A. and a fresh, new career in real estate.

From the very beginning, Corey has played an integral role with Pacific Listings, and he continues to work hard to pursue the same vision that he and the founders had in the early stages of the company. His personable attitude, Midwestern values, and strong work ethic enable him to succeed in the Los Angeles real estate market. He has a strong understanding of the rental market, and he knows what it takes to rent a unit to a well-qualified tenant. He knows that marketing his listings is a full time job, and he spends hours each and every day working on his listings to ensure his commitment to his clients. Corey takes pleasure in the fact that success for him means success for his clients. Pacific Listings is a win-win business, and he is very eager to help property owners in the years to come.